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Independent BMW Service Brighouse


Prestige Auto Servicing for your BMW. Prestige Auto Servicing provide a complete vehicle servicing for your BMW. The skilled mechanics at Prestige Auto Service carry out servicing, vehicle maintenance and repairs with diagnostic fault finding.

Over time as the engine oil in your BMW degrades, your engines’ performance and efficiency decreases. Filters in the engine can become blocked, resulting in reduced fuel economy. Regular BMW servicing improves your vehicle’s performance, for a smoother running engine and improved fuel consumption.

Our independent BMW service provides your vehicle with a thorough servicing, ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and performing at its optimum performance level. A service at Prestige Auto Service includes an engine oil change and fitting replacement air filters. Our skilled mechanics also check brake pads and brake discs for signs of wear, replacing worn brake disc and brake pads. With our comprehensive servicing, we check over your vehicle for wear and tear to prevent your vehicle becoming potentially unroadworthy.

A BMW service is an opportunity to rectify potential issues before they become a problem and cause damage to your vehicle.

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